Please read the school regulations before you apply

Bethel Bible School

The board of Bethel Bible School invites you to a three-week term of intense Bible study. Our prayer is that this time of study and social interaction will better equip all of us to “earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints.”

Mission Statement:

Bethel Bible School’s mission is to strengthen young Christians in their relationship with God and commitment to His kingdom.

School Goals:

  1. To teach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in its fullness.
  2. To inspire reverence and dedication to the entire Word of God.
  3. To present a sound defense of Biblical doctrine and practice from a historical Anabaptist viewpoint.
  4. To instill a burden for evangelism in a spiritually destitute world.
  5. To build Christian character.
  6. To develop Godly relationships.
  7. To inspire a genuine appreciation for these principles.

Student Tuition and Needs

Tuition covers room and board for the term, but does not include books, writing material, or other incidental expenses. Due to the facility costs going up, tuition will be $650.00. We want everyone to come to bible school who has that desire. If tuition cost is a hardship for you, please contact us and we will assist you with that.

There is a nonrefundable applications fee of $20.00 for submitting an application.

Each student should provide their own bedding and personal bath supplies, including towels and washcloths. Each student must see that their name is on all personal belongings, especially garments, etc.

Enrollment Requirements:

The School seeks to serve all those who may attend from any group or denomination. Only those, however, who are committed to study the Word, are living a life of holiness, and desire to participate in practical Christian service will be accepted. Students who enroll at Bethel Bible School agree to follow school regulations, whether in school or off-campus during the term. No students under 18 years of age will be accepted unless they turn 18 during the term.

Enrollment Process:

Enrollment priority is based on the order in which applications are received. A $20 processing fee is required upon application. Cash deposits are not accepted. The preferred method for applying to Bethel Bible School is online at Simply follow the online instructions. Alternately, students can mail applications and application fees to:

Bethel Bible School Admissions
Dan Byler
2724 Oaklawn Rd.
Seymour, MO 65746
For admissions assistance contact:
Dan Byler (417) 838-0257
Joe Bauman (870) 919-9285

School Standards and Regulations:

The following standards are intended to help develop a spirit which is “more like the Master”, a conscience “void of offense toward God and men,” and a life devoted to “showing forth the praises of Him that hath called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.” These are minimum requirements for all students while attending the Bible School.

Not everyone will agree with all the standards of the Bible School, yet enrolling in this Bible School does require honorable adherence to them while in attendance here.

Visitors interacting with the Bible School during classes, meals, or activities are expected to conform to the Bible School regulations.

A. Dress:

Christians must remember that the way they dress is a definite indication of their character and has a direct impact on their testimony. Students are expected to wear attire becoming to men and women of holiness, honoring the principles of modesty and simplicity. The following dress standards have been established for all students attending this Bible School. All students are expected to meet their home church standards in addition to these standards.

For Sisters:

A simple cape dress is required, without lace or frills. Dresses shall be of solid color and of modest design; the length shall be at least halfway between the knee and the ankle, with sleeves extending well below the elbow. Dress material shall not be sheer, clinging, or red in color. If tie belts are worn on dresses, tie ends are to be short. Hosiery shall be black or off-black. Dress shoes shall be black. Black winter dress boots may be worn only by permission from the administration. Shoes with narrow or high heels are not permitted. Socks worn with non-dress shoes must extend above the dress hemline. For activities (such as volleyball, etc.), leggings that meet the socks are to be worn. Sweaters and jackets are not to be form fitting. Vests and pullovers are not permitted because of their tendency to be form fitting.

Hair shall be arranged in modesty and simplicity, without the influence of current fads.

Sisters are expected to wear a cap-style headship veiling. The veiling shall be of consistent style and size to adequately cover the hair. When a weather garment is needed, it should be consistent with the rest of our dress.

Wristwatch bands shall not be silver or gold.

For Brethren:

Shirts shall be long-sleeved, of solid colors, not black, sheer, flashy, or tight-fitting. Shirt collars are to be kept closed during class, chapel, and church services. Vests are not permitted. A black belt is to be worn at all times. A plain coat shall be worn in all witnessing activities, evening services, and Sunday services.

Dress pants are to be modest and consistent with the plain coat. All dress pants should be medium grey to black, with the exception of suit pants. The “casual type” of shirts and pants will not be permitted for classes and services. Non-dress pants may be worn for recreational times and workdays, provided they are consistent and modest.

All dress shoes shall be black. No boot-type shoes are to be worn, except for workday projects. Solid color socks of the darker shades are required, unless lighter colors must be worn for health reasons.

Hairstyles shall reflect an awareness that brethren not only share but lead in the expression of non-conformity to worldly fads. Hair shall be properly tapered, with sideburns around midear. Wristwatch bands shall not be silver or gold.

B. Cafeteria:

All meals shall be taken in the cafeteria unless health does not permit. Cafeteria courtesy calls for prompt attendance at mealtime. The principal or dean is responsible for cafeteria seating. Absences from the cafeteria at mealtime must be cleared with the principal.

C. Building Maintenance:

Students are responsible to help keep the building and grounds presentable. All students must help with cafeteria jobs and janitorial maintenance.

D. Leaves:

It is expected that students stay on campus for the duration of the term, all exceptions must be cleared by administration. Short walks may be taken in the campus area for exercise during off hours before dark, but students must check “out” when leaving, and “in” when returning.

E. Social Conduct:

The Bible School is committed to the development of healthy Christian relationships. Courting is limited to one date per week. Students must be at least 18 years of age to date, and must be accompanied by a chaperon or another couple when leaving the campus. If the date is held on campus, no chaperon is required. A hands-off policy between brethren and sisters is expected for all students at all times. Permission for dates and questions about dates shall be cleared with the principal and matron.

The principal shall appoint a supervisor for athletic games. There will be no games during class periods, study periods, or meal times. No skits, plays, dramas, or electronic games of any kind are permitted. Only quiet games, such as crossword puzzles, Bible quizzes, puzzles, etc. are permitted on Sunday afternoons.

F. Regularity and Punctuality

All students are expected to attend all of their classes and all school assemblies. Punctuality is expected for the entire school schedule, including dormitory schedule.

G. Reverence:

An attitude of reverence shows good taste and is a mark of character. All boisterous speech, the causing of unnecessary noises, and other distractions should be carefully avoided. There is to be no gum chewing during chapel and class periods.

H. Media:

We ask that no television or entertainment media, radio, or instrumental music be used at Bible School.

I. Media Devices:

Student cell phones shall be handed in at a designated area and will be given for use under the direction of the administration. Media devices and computers are not allowed in the dorms. There will be a designated area for storing devices during night time hours. If media use is needed for after-hours study time, it will need to be cleared by the administration and used in designated public areas.

J. Automobiles:

Christians should be courteous on the road and obedient to traffic laws. Sports cars or cars with sporty equipment such as loud mufflers, sport-type wheels, or other accessories that affect the appearance or sound of cars are a poor Christian testimony and will be restricted or unusable while at Bible School.

K. Library:

The library is available for the use of every student. Every student must help keep it quiet at all times.

L. Dormitory Life:

Christian courtesy, personal cleanliness, and respect for others’ space and schedules is expected at all times.

All students are expected to assist in keeping their dormitory rooms and dormitory assembly areas neat and orderly.

Dress code in dormitory assembly areas shall be appropriate to the environment of Bible school.

Brethren and sisters shall not enter each other’s dormitories, except by special arrangement under the direction of the administration.

M. Photography:

1. Photos of personal interest:

Discretion must be used in school photography, with care taken to avoid disruption or distraction. Pictures taken at school must represent the school properly. Persons on pictures should be properly and modestly dressed.

No flash photography is permitted during any worship service, including the closing program, except by permission.

2. Personal pictures for exchange:

Pictures for exchange should display a life of simplicity in keeping with Christian character. Attire should be within or very close to Bible School standards. Avoid large prints, denim jackets, pullover sweaters, and a “casual look”. Brethren should wear the plain coat. Proper posture in posing is important. Please be on the safe side so your pictures will be accepted. All pictures for exchange must be cleared with the principle or matron prior to any exchanges.

N. Gift and Food Boxes:

All gift boxes must be approved by the principal or matron.

O. Class Requirements:

Students are required to take three courses unless other arrangements are made by special permission from the principal. A course or class change after having attended a class period must be cleared with the principal and the respective teachers. The board and administration have the jurisdiction to prioritize the classes for capacity and flow.

P. Doctrine:

The goal of Bethel Bible School is to promote sound Bible doctrine. Promotion of false or questionable teachings will not be tolerated. Reference books with questionable statements shall be kept at a minimum and their use approved by the board or the principal. Because of its strong Calvinistic teaching, the Scofield Reference Bible shall not be used in the school. “There be some that would trouble you, and would pervert the Gospel of Christ.”